Today’s New Kratom Arrivals!

Today we’ve received new stocks of exceptionally fresh and effective Kratom direct from Indonesia. This stock is available for immediate shipping from our UK based facility and don’t forget we offer expedited shipping customers in Europe and the rest of the world who are looking for high quality Kratom powder and leaf.

Fresh stocks of the following Kratom types now have fresh stocks available on our store –

Green Malay
Extra-fine Green Malay Kratom Leaf Powder from Malaysia. A popular choice and our best selling strain.

Palangkaraya Kratom,
Super finely powdered and exclusive Special Reserve Kratom, harvested with care and selected from only the best leaves. This is 100% Mitragyna Speciosa at its finest and an exclusive product to our store.

Borneo White Kratom,
Sourced directly from Borneo, Indonesia this is an ethically sourced, natural Kratom Leaf Powder. This Kratom strain is light in colour and is milled to a super fine consistency for ease of preparation.

Kali Red Kratom Powder,

Borneo Green Kratom,
Another UK exclusive, we are proud to stock this super fine and 100% natural Green Vein Kratom powder. It is sourced directly from Borneo, Indonesia and is processed quickly for maximum freshness.