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10% Discount code for Borneo Anak Kratom: 10anakdisc

Enjoy 10% off our exceptionally good Borneo Anak Kratom this August 2020. Our latest batch of Borneo Anak has received glowing reviews and is well received by all that work with it. Borneo Anak is prepared with traditional methods, using only the highest quality young leaves from the tree. This makes an exceptionally vibrant red-like […]

Borneo Red Vein Kratom - Buy Fresh Kratom Here - KratomSupply.net

10% off Borneo Red Kratom all September 2019! Use the code: BRV10DISC

Borneo Red Kratom is one of the most loved and consistent varieties available at KratomSupply.net You can take 10% off the price using the discount code: BRV10DISC Be sure to enter then apply the discount before checking out for even better savings on your favourite Kratom strains. Our fresh Kratom is imported directly from the […]

Sumatra White Kratom at 10% Off All August 2019!

It’s one of the most popular Kratom strains on the store and this month we’re knocking 10% off the price. You can get Kratom the very next day to most regions in Europe with our super fast DHL Express delivery service. Sumatra White Kratom mixes great with other strains such as Borneo Red and Sumatra […]

Great Savings on Green Malay Kratom!

We’ve got great savings available on our extra-fine Green Malay Kratom Powder. We’ve got great availability on this popular choice which is currently one of our most popular Kratom strains with our customers. It has long been a favourite of many, and we’re sure that you will enjoy this very individual strain. Our Green Malay […]

Sample Pack 4 - KratomSupply.net

Kratom Sample Packs

Looking to expand your knowledge of Kratom? Why not try one of our sample packs to help broaden your horizons. Each of our sample packs contain 4 x 10g samples of our high quality & freshly processed Kratom leaves. Each sample is presented in a resealable foil pouch, packed inside a vacuum sealed bag. We […]

New Green Malay and Premium Bali Kratom!

We have today received fresh stocks of Kratom from Indonesia. Our Kratom that we ship into the UK is quickly processed, repacked and sealed for freshness on arrival so that you only receive the very best. Fresh stocks of the following are now available on our store – Premium Bali Kratom Powder. Green Malay Kratom […]