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Brand New Site, Amazing New Prices.

Welcome to the new site, we hope you enjoy using it and exploring it’s benefits and enhanced functionality.
We decided to develop a new website for a number of reasons which we’d like to explain to you about here in our first ‘Site Update’ announcement.

We’ve developed the site to provide better compatibility and ease of use on mobile devices, tablets and various browsers; we now offer the same shopping experience across all these platforms to ensure that you can check out swiftly without issue.

We only choose to purchase Kratom stocks from manufacturers who sustainably harvest their Kratom, paying close attention and care in the harvesting, drying and milling of the leaf material. After the final milling of our kratom leaves into powder, it is packed in airtight packets and shipped to us here in the UK quickly to preserve the aroma of the product. We then repackage the Kratom powder into heat sealed, foil lined pouches for small orders (10-50g) and any orders over 100g are vacuum packaged, ensuring that when you receive and open your order it contains all the freshness.

We’ve been operating with the same ethic of business since our establishment in 2010, which has helped us build a great relationship with our customers. We’re proud of the quality personal service that we offer to our customers, so if you’re looking for assistance with your orders we’ll reply to your inquiries quickly via email with concise information.

We have developed our new website with a transparent pricing structure with clear delivery options; our cart’s product prices are listed at the base rate, you will now find a delivery and shipping options specific to your location whilst checking out from the store.

UK customers can still select between standard 1st class, 1st class recorded and special delivery, with the displayed price matching the exact cost of Royal Mail’s delivery rates for the size and weight of your order once packed and ready for dispatch.

By separating our costs for delivery (as opposed to it being contained within the product price) it enables you to check out with the correct rate for the products that you’ve selected. For example, if you’ve added multiple products to your shopping cart you will only be charged the actual rate of delivery for the size and weight of your order. This provides excellent value for money for customers looking to purchase several smaller order amounts from our wide product range.
All customers who have completed their orders via our website will be able to quickly and easily track the progress of their order via our new built in monitoring system. Registering on our site will enable you to place orders again quickly.