Fresh Kratom in Stock!

Today we’ve received fresh new stocks of Palangkaraya Red Horn Kratom powder. This is a super fine Kratom powder, sourced from Western Kalimantan. This type is milled from dried Red Vein Kratom leaves that have a distinct spiked edge, hence the name ‘horned leaf’.

Representing excellent value for money, this Kratom type has become a popular choice for many of our customers since its introduction to our store last year. It delivers an exceptionally clean aroma, certainly nothing else that we’ve sourced is comparable to it. We pride ourselves on our ability to source fresh Kratom powder to ensure that you enjoy the quality every time you order.

The final result is a mid-green to red coloured, super fine Kratom powder, containing nothing but fine Mitragyna Speciosa leaf.

Palangkaraya Red Vein Kratom is currently available in 25g, 50g, 100g and 250g amounts.

We’ve also received fresh new stocks of Kali Red Kratom powder today. This fine red coloured powder has a distinctive aroma unlike traditional Bali or Borneo Red Kratom powders. It mixes great with other Kratom powders, try it for yourself and create your own custom Kratom blends.