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10% Off Sumatra White Kratom this September using the discount code: WVSTEN

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Take advantage of a 10% discount code for our superb Sumatra White Kratom this September 2021. This is one of the most reliable and vibrant white vein kratom leaf products, with consistent qualities. Produced using professional harvesting and drying techniques, only the most finest leaves are picked in order to create this high quality Kratom powder.

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10% Discount code for Wildcraft Kratom, enter: 10WILDM

Enjoy 10% off our incredible Wildcraft Kratom this March 2021. This is a unique product with great aroma, it stands out compared to other red ‘traditional’ types such as Borneo Red, so it’s well worth a try.

Wildcraft is prepared using older, traditional methods of drying and milling, using only the highest quality leaves. This makes a distinct Kratom powder with a rich aroma.

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Take 10% off Borneo Red with the coupon code: REDBV10

Enjoy 10% off all April 2020 with the kratom discount code REDBV10

Be sure to enter and apply the kratom coupon code before completing checkout so you can get this great offer this Easter until the end of the month.

Borneo Red Vein one of the richest, long lasting Kratom strains that you can buy. It is considered to be one of the key Kratom varieties from Indonesia, alongside Sumatra White and Red.

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Enjoy 10% off Sumatra Red Kratom all January with this discount code: SRDISC10

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Our Sumatra Red Kratom is one of the first products introduced to our store – it’s consistent results are enjoyed by many. For a red Kratom strain it displays a distinctive vibrancy not common in its class.

Our Kratom discount code is valid on any Sumatra Red purchase throughout January 2020. Please make sure to enter and apply the Kratom coupon code before proceeding to the final stages of payment.

Always consider a sample purchase or choosing a sample pack before committing to order a larger amount, that way you’ll be able to check that it’s suitable for you.