About Us

KratomSupply.net began trading Mitragyna Speciosa, what is more commonly known as ‘Kratom’, back in 2010 after feeling that we could do more to provide the market with consistently high quality Kratom products.

We aim to provide a friendly service with accurate information regarding the quality and contents of our Kratom products. Through this attention to detail and also delivering orders quickly, we achieved ‘Certified Seller’ status via the Kratom Association. We essentially want to ensure that Kratom remains a free and unrestricted product available to whoever may benefit and enjoy using it.

When sourcing from overseas suppliers we ensure that all our Kratom that is resold through our store is both ethically and sustainably sourced from legitimate & registered companies. We ensure that our choice of suppliers share the same ethic as us so that Kratom can be sustainably sourced and that the individuals harvesting get a fair pay for their work. Hopefully as the industry grows people will respect and understand the impact that their choices as consumers go a long way to ensure that the trade of Kratom can continue in a legitimate fashion, without any restriction imposed by local or national governance.

We’re happy to ship around the globe, and we ensure that your order is packed well to ensure maximum freshness of your Kratom at the time you open the packet. You’ll receive your Kratom inside secure grip seal bags and pouches which are ideal for storage and for retaining freshness.

We’re always looking for ways that we can enhance our service to customers, so if you’d like to provide any feedback, suggestions or query an order, simply follow the link above for the contact form or reply to our emails that follow after placing an order. We aim to get back to all customers within a 24 hour time period, however we endeavour to get back much quicker than this on most occasions. If you’ve not heard back from us in the usual timely fashion we may be on a store holiday, so ensure to check our regularly posted ‘site updates’ located on our homepage.