Delay To Psychoactive Substances Act

The Psychoactive Substances Act has been delayed, the earliest this can now to come into force is the 1st of May.

The new start date for the legislation is uncertain, though the Home Office state it will definitely be coming “in the Spring”. This is great news and confirms our commitment to continuing our service until we are forced to close.

We have just received fresh stocks of Borneo LTP, Borneo LTM, Borneo Green, MD Green, MD Red and Premium Red. These are now available for immediate despatch, and can be ordered via the Kratom Powder section of our website.

Green Malay, Borneo Red, Premium Bali, Green & Red Riau, Sumatra White & Red, Red Vein Thai and Stem & Vein are all on in transit to the UK and due to arrive in the next 7 days. Once we have a confirmed delivery date for these we will begin taking further pre-orders.

We have no plans to close any time soon, and it is very much business as usual. All of our previous pre-orders have now been successfully despatched within the advertised delivery times and we have fresh stock waiting to be shipped from tomorrow onwards.

If you have any queries or feedback we’d love to hear from you via email from our contact form.

You can read more about the delayed legislation here –